Washing Machine Servicing

Washing Machine Servicing

Washing Machine Servicing
Price: Depends upon the inspection done by our technicians
Available in: Lalitpur, Nepal

Estimated Time for Repair: Depends upon inspection 
Servicemen: Depends upon inspection 

 Our service includes:

  • If your washing machine is not functioning properly then our serviceman will help you fix your problems. 
  • Additional cost will be added to the final bill if additional labor or additional hours is required to complete the Job. Anything that require more work or require more than 1 hours of work then our associate will let you know about the price and the scope change
  • Replacement cost, materials cost and any other replacement parts will be charged separately.
  • Time spent to get the materials for the job is included in the hours counted.

(Please ask for the receipt with the full amount of service and the parts from our associate. This will help us guarantee your service for 7 days.)

Please call our Customer Service at +977-9803999299 if you have any issues with the service or the servicemen. We promise we will make it right.


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