Pasni/ Rice feeding ceremony

Pasni/ Rice feeding ceremony

Pasni/ Rice feeding ceremony
Available in: Lalitpur, Nepal

Our service includes:

  •  Photo and video for pasni/rice feeding ceremony includes photo and video of baby, family members and guests.
  •  Our price starts from Rs.12,000 for photo and video individually and a combo pack of Rs.22,000.

(Note: For the agreed service, a photographer and a videographer will be present, but in case of a large event which may require more photographer/videographer more charges will be applied accordingly.Additional charge will be included for additional helper, venue’s location and additional time.Please ask for the receipt with the full amount of service from our associate. This will help us guarantee your service for 7 days.)

Please call our Customer Service at +977-9803999299  if you have any issues with the service or the servicemen. We promise we will make it right.

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