Electrical Services Full Home Check Up

Electrical Services Full Home Check Up

Electrical Services Full Home Check Up
Starting From:: Nrs. 1000/- or upon inspection
Available in: Lalitpur, Nepal

Our Services includes:

  • Full connection check up from meter box to panel board.
  • Checking of wiring system in the entire house.
  • Listing of different kinds of electronic appliances including bulbs, tube lights, spot lights,Fancy lights, electronic appliances etc in the entire house.
  • Calculations of total energy consumption per month by all usage of electronic appliances including bulbs and lights. (Measured in Kilowatt)
  • Awareness regarding the importance of volt guard, earthing system, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector etc.
  • Useful informations relating the installation of two-pin, switches, plug, wires, sockets etc in the suitable and safe area.
  • Safety measures regarding the electric shocks and its preventive measures especially for the children.
  • Ideas and tips to minimizing the over consumption of electricity.
  • Solutions for minimizing the monthly electric bills. 

(Note: For the agreed service, our electrician will be present.Please ask for the receipt with the full amount of service from our associate. This will help us guarantee your service for 7 days.)

 Please call our Customer Service at +977-9803999299  if you have any issues with the service or the servicemen. We promise we will make it right.

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